Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Back from Tucson

Jeremy with his Grandpa and Grandma

The girls with GGrandpa Warren and GGrandma Phyllis

Well we pulled a fast one and left for Tucson on Friday afternoon and got back Monday morning at 1 am. We thought we would visit Jeremy's grandfather who is 92 and still kicking. The girls had a blast and I didn't mind the heat. It is better than here. Plus Jeremy did some family history or oral history if you like. We brought the vidcam and recorded grandpa and all the questions that Jeremy and I put together. You never know how long someone at that age will live. Sarah and Emily showered him with hugs and kisses and kept him up late with their quacking, barking, meowing etc.

On another note our computer is sick and one of the fans pooped out so I am not sure how often I will be able to update this bloggy blog. We are trying to keep it off as much as possible until we can scrape and save enough money for such luxuries. We are finding it harder and harder to stay afloat and have some kind of savings. It isn't easy living in California and we can understand why everybody works including moms. We are a rare commodity as a single income family. But I love being with my girls even if I am getting some white hairs already in my young age!
After the weenie roast with all the Warren cousins!
Emily is having a fit and crying. Good shot!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

To SPEED or Not To SPEED.........RACER!!!

Ok so most you have not seen the movie Speed Racer. That is my guess since it didn't stay to long in the theater and maybe it just didn't look like your "type" of movie. I thought the same thing. But then I watched it for fun yesterday. Oh man, I was on the edge of my seat with all the race scenes! whoooooooeeeeee! That movie was great. If you want some fun, bright, silly, action, a tiny bit of romance and a monkey, then get out there and rent this movie. I was skeptical but I was laughing too. It was great with all the flashing lights and total 70's feel. I loved it! Tired of the same old movies, either too much of a chick flick or just plain horrible with the acting and screenplay? Speed Racer is a great change from that played out Hollywood scene. I didn't actually know that the boy's first name was Speed and his last name Racer. I just thought they called him that cuz he drove super fast! Anyhoo the boy is cute to boot! Go and watch it with your hubby or friends and you won't be sorry you took my advice!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

First Day of Fall? Where?

So I hear talk about Fall and the oncoming winter. I think it is crazy talk. How can there be snow falling and lots of rain already? I am still sweating in 90 degree heat and avoiding the outside during the day. I am still sweating on the walk to and from school. I am still sweating at night when it says it is 80 degrees in my house and all the windows and doors are open at 10pm trying to cool us all off. This is crazy. I want my Fall and Winter. I want rain and lots of it. I want snow and so much snow that I we can't leave the house for a day or two. I am tired of constantly sweating without it making a difference on the scale. That would be different. Then I wouldn't mind all the sweating but nothing doin'. I want to see the trees change and leaves fall. I want to see that first night of snow and wake up to perfect powder in the morning, totally undisturbed, whispering to you to come and touch it and play. Where are you fall and winter? (insert sobbing here)

Friday, September 19, 2008


So I started running again. WOOHOO!! I think that it is working although all i feel is pain in my legs the morning after. they need a morning after pill for that. anyhoo i sweat....alot. more than you can imagine. to the point where it is dripping off my ears, down my cleavage. well not just dripping but full on running stream of sweat from my head down. so yesterday i came inside, it was about 10:30pm(supposedly it is cooler outside but you could have fooled me) and i go upstairs to tell Jeremy that I am back. He looks at me and his face just gives himself away. It says "holy crap Tanya that is pretty gross." So he says to me, you're all pink. Well I started talking to him and the whole time is just staring at the sweat and finally says " whoa babe you better get in the shower." at that point i just start laughing and say " this is me as brenden fraiser in Bedazzled when he is the basketball player." We both just start busting up cuz that is one of our favorite scenes. I am sure you are thinking that can't be right. No way someone can sweat like that. Well either I have some weird hormonal thing going on or I have an awesome cooling system for my body. Plus so much sweat and running put alot of stress on my body and now i have a cold sore. All for the sake of losing a couple of pounds. well not a couple more like 30.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Thank You Thank You Thank You for all my girls who listened to a very long hour "join Mary Kay" phone call. I really appreciate it and just to show my appreciation, all my products are 50% off for you all! Plus shipping is always free. Don't be shy about it either. If you don't want anything now just let me know when you do, and if I have it I will send it your way! Love you so much for doing that for me!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Why do I hate taking my kids to public play places?

Because all the other little sick brats are there spreading their germs all over the fun, interactive learning toys. Well just this past friday we went to the L.A. County Fair(pictures to follow another day and time) and had a blast. That night we get home and the Croup starts which, in turn, begat Conjunctivitis. Poor Sarah was so sick yesterday with the coughing, fever, runny nose, stuffy nose, and goopy, sticky goop pouring out of both eyes. The poor girl couldn't hardly see anything since it was so mucusy. We had to get up every 2 hours and wake her up to clean her eyes out. It didn't help that Kaiser doesn't have after hours nurses on the phone so we relied on the power of the Priesthood and Jeremy gave her a blessing. By morning, her eyes had crusted over just a little and the mucus was completely gone. I gently cleaned the last of the crust off her lashes and the swelling went down tremendously. She has some red puffiness under her eyes making her look like she is going through some serious withdrawls(probably from candy) but the fever is gone and she is almost back to her sass-mouth ways. I am so thankful to have the Jeremy and his worthiness to hold the Priesthood and be so willing to bless us when we need it. I don't think we could have survived the night had we solely relied on Kaiser to take care of our little Sarah. I have a firm testimony that our Father in Heaven is watching over us and is more than willing to bless us when we are worthy of it. I know that he can never say no to little ones since they are so dear to his heart just like Sarah and Emily are so dear to mine.

Friday, September 12, 2008

DMV....Take 4

So I finally became a California citizen this past week. It only took 4 trips, countless hours, running over curbs in the parking lot, and bloody fingers from prying off the plates with a dime, to get my license and register to vote. I know why they take so long too. Not only are they short staffed since the Gov. won't hurry up with budget, but they also want to know your life story too. My lady wanted to know how many kids I had, where I met my husband, what i have been doing these last 10 years of my life, why i moved to CA, etc. It was crazy. My simple 10 minute appointment turned into almost 3 hours of the DMV not including the many other hours sitting and waiting and then having them close the testing center an hour early just as I was getting in that line. WOW! I would be angry and cranky too working there. I did get to speak Russian with a sweet lady who acted like a sour puss until I got up there to get my picture taken. I can spot a Russian person a mile away so I just dove right in with my awesome russian skills. actually they aren't so awesome but she smiled and was happy just to hear her own language at work. I got her to laugh and be a little bit silly and it made me happy and I know she was happy too. So in the end all my long hours fighting to find a seat and wait with children to be called it turned out to be a huge relief to be all done and settled as a CA resident. The next day the battery died stranding Jeremy at work and Kragens Auto Shop. Thanks a lot California.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What does Matt Damon Know?

Seriously folks. Why do celebraties with no political experience think they have the right to go on national news and say to the public what a joke it is for Palin or McCain to run. I personally will not disclose who i will vote for at this time but who the h-e-double HOCKEY sticks does he think he is. I love him in the Jason Bourne movies but would i take political advice from him? Hell no! All he does is act and jump on the propoganda wagon for (N)O-bama. He said that she was a joke but just a few months ago wasn't a woman running for president? Palin is just in this as a vice-president. I think the Dems are feeling the heat and need something to slander others with. His big thing was "Do we really want the hockey mom(by the way he forgot she is govenor of the largest state in America) with her alaskan folk ways to run our country, assuming McCain passed away in his first term? This guy is nuts. Next thing you will hear is that he is a Scientologist. I guess he doesn't know anybody over the age of 50 that is still living let alone 70. The sad thing is that other people are blindly following what he says or any other celebrity for that matter when it comes to politics. I don't need Oprah or anyone else to tell me how to swing my vote. PS i bet Palin can kick is butt from Alaska to Boston! Chicken!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sarah's First Day of School!

She was ready for it too. Sarah jumped out of bed at 6:30am, got dressed in her cute jeans and white shirt, ate her oatmeal, do her ponytails and got Emily excited about walking to school. We went out to get in the stroller but alas the wheels were flat and the pump was broken so we all walked the mile together and Emily half walked the mile back. While at school there was an orientation for all kindergartners in their respective classes with the teachers. There were only 11 students and most of them spoke ESL. It was kind of funny but they were all so cute and eager to learn. The kids got to take a tour while I was informed about school lunches and the curriculum etc. and I did ask if they dressed up for Halloween. The answer was NO and I was shocked that such an American holiday was rejected by the district. Well we won't be going to this school next year! Actually I was really impressed with Mrs. Coleman and her classroom and I had no fears and knew Sarah would be safe and learn alot this coming year. I didn't cry and neither did Sarah since I was too busy telling Emily to stop whining about going home. When I picked her up it was like going to school was normal and nothing was different. We had fun walking home, knowing that the following day the stroller would be fixed and no one was gonna be held in the scorching heat and humidity again! Enjoy the pics of Sarah and Emily as they embark on a new journey with school this year.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mexican Muffin Tops

Check out one of my new favorite blogs: mexicanmuffintops it is super funny and embodies all mexi women around the globe or well mostly in the US and Mexico. I had fun reading this one. I have seen many just this morning at Sarah's new school and had no one to laugh with me about it. The teacher was sporting a really cute one this morning! The vid had me in tears by this dude, MUFF, and his comments about his blog!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Last Day of Summer

The view from the Shake Shack
Ruby's Crystal Cove Shake Shack
I can't believe that the time has finally come for summer to end for us and school to start for Sarah and Emily. Where has the time gone? Just two days ago I brought Sarah home from the hospital and just yesterday I brought Emily home. Now they are big enough for Kindergarten and preschool. Sarah will go to morning class everyday from 8-11:45am and Emily and I will head over to preschool from 8:30-11:30am MWF(i am repeating myself because i have this fear that tomorrow i will wake up late and sarah will miss the first day of school-so bear with me on the repetitions) We will still swim everyday until it gets super cold and try to hit up the beach as much as possible. Which reminds me of last night at Crystal Cove in Newport. We decided to eat at the Crystal Cove Shake Shack for dinner and watch the sunset over the Pacific Ocean, and it was magnificent and romantic. Yes i did run into Marissa on the beach doing Crack, and then I saw Lonnie die eating massive foam from 18-footer tsunami waves. Well I took Sarah and her cousin, Tabitha, down to the water and the sun was almost set and we just wanted to get our feet wet. Well they got wet and took sarah's flip flop too. She was crying and I was the heroic mom running into the water and waves to save the shoe. I get out pretty far when i notice the wave challenging me so i booked it back to safety all the way getting wet in my capri jeans while the whole beach was laughing and i was roaring with laughter myself. I didn't catch the shoe so I tried a few more times searching in approaching darkness of the night and waves and found it floating up with each wave. So I did rescue the shoe. I had too. We had to walk back up all those stairs and then up PCH with no lights so I wasn't about to just let the ocean swallow up another poor, lost shoe. Oh it was funny alright. Jeremy just missed it by a minute but God and the witnesses on the beach watched this brave mom, with hot mother bear fire in her lungs, beat the ocean last night.