Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Projects

still need to add the year and our first name letters to each hand.
this where i got the idea Sugarbee

I can't believe that I might actually get all my Christmas projects done before thing one and thing two arrive. Last night i managed to pull off making my mother in law's present cut, ironed, stuffed and sewn. trust me when i say that i am not the original but in fact a true queen at copying other people's brillant ideas. This is just one example. the colors are not the traditional red and green but more vintage-y and also i didn't want to buy anything so i had to rummage through my scraps to make it. so it cost me an extra $0.00 to make. yay for saving money so i can spend it on myself when no one is looking!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

It's Bigger!

Carpal Tunnel + self portrait= blurry picture
Only a few more weeks. I know i can do this. But do i really want to? can't they just come right now? I have gained about 48lbs so far. I know! talk about a ton of weight! i am guessing these little buggers won't come until they are forced out at 37 weeks causing me to put on about another 10 lbs. Holy crap that is 60lbs total! I know if you break it down it is only 30lbs per baby which in a normal pregnancy is pretty dang great. But let me tell you, the depression is starting to kick in about how much i am gonna need to lose to feel like me again. Somewhere inside my brain i thought i would only gain about 40 lbs tops. Now I look in the mirror with my truth telling glasses and see that this is going to be a long journey back after my little angels get here. They are still small but almost 4lbs each. another month or so and they should be about 6. With that in mind I hope I will be able to bring them home with me.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Babies size update

On Friday Nov 5th i was told that my babies are actually measuring at 29w5d and they were head to head playing together. it was so adorable. talk about BFF's already! (in actuality my little ticker on the side is a bit off. I should already be 30 weeks). so that equals out to two breech babies but I do the C-Section route so it doesn't matter if they are upside down or right side up! I'm thinking I will deliver during Christmas break....well mentally telling myself i must since everyone will be home for the holidays and no school. It will too hard with school back in session if i am not home from the hospital. new picture to come soon. There are baby shower pics on Facebook and please ignore the super huge fatness. It wasn't me alone but two babies making me gain weight! I love my double chin too, it really brings out the fatness in me! But don't feel sorry for me I know i will lose the weight. well i had better lose it will all the nursing that i plan on doing!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Baby Shower!!!

Tomorrow is my baby shower and I am so super excited. I love baby stuff. It is usually so cuddly that you want a baby to be wrapped up in it immediately! I still snuggle the little bunting that was given to me by a friend from church. i love how soft it is and i keep telling jeremy i just can't wait to wrap my little sweethearts up in them!!! I can't wait to see doubles of everything!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"Paint chips are falling on my carpet" la la la

love the new look. it really compliments the green carpet. so woodsy.

With our Southern California heat wave starting, I have noticed that the paint under our sink cabinets hasn't been able to hold up. I came in my room the other night to find a huge paint chip on the carpet exposes the wood underneath. I couldn't believe it. But I just ignored it cuz right now at 28 weeks with twinners, there is no way in helicopter that i am going to start painting and especially not if i have to lay on the floor to get to it. Then yesterday I saw another huge paint chip on the carpet. It is very obvious with all the other peeling that is going on down there. Oh well, i guess it is something that will just have to stay for awhile along with all the other things that could be replaced or renewed.