Monday, August 17, 2009 Medieval Times!!

I started this post of August 17th:

Today is my 8th Anniversary with the best man in the whole world. That's right ladies, you missed out. I got him! Jeremy Glenn and I, Nicole Tanya Ortega were married in the San Diego Temple 8 years ago. It was a race to the temple at break neck speeds for 3 hours. We were the first couple to be married that day in that temple.

August 18th continues:
I couldn't have as much fun, or trials, or experience as much love as I have with anyone other than Jeremy. He is my Be Fri, Priesthood holder, Father to my children, bread winner and lover. He knows how to hold me and say "everything is going to be alright"(like the old man on Wedding Singer). He works hard and sometimes doesn't get to do much but still keeps going because he has a responsibility to his family. I love him more than myself and sometimes my children come second to him.
We were suppose to go to Catalina this year for a romantic getaway and it was all planned out in our minds. Then some family things came up and we sacrificed that trip. Instead I was brilliant enough to make up for it by getting two Royalty tickets to MEDIEVAL TIMES. I have been a few times like 15 years ago and this was Jeremy's first experience with dinner and a tournament. It was fantastic. We giggled alot and cheered for our Evil green knight. Jeremy couldn't believe his luck when our Knight was announced as a lover of war and master of weapons. He came to carnage and blood shed. It was an amazing (k)night. hee hee. I begged to do a picture where you dress in the clothes and pose behind the sword and get your picture in a folder that only cost $15 and jeremy finally consented! We look so cute and Sarah at home this morning said " Mother, you look so beautiful and daddy is handsome." I wonder how I became mother and why is it surprising that I am beautiful??? It made me smile and laugh at her honesty. We also had our names read off during the show as celebrating our anniversary and had a large certificate printed and we bought a spoon to go with our spoon collection. I have a rack that is filling up fast. It was simply so much fun. I highly recommend going if you have the chance. Jeremy also fixed our blanket box. someone sat on it and broke the bottom. they were way too heavy. It has been an eye sore since may and now it is ship shape. He let me take a nap while he worked on it and the farthest thing from my mind was our once planned catalina trip. There is always next year! Oh yes I am sure you are wondering what our presents where to each other. Well we are working on it together. I am picking out the frame and he is photoshopping one of our wedding photos that will be enlarged to 22x36! holy huge kissing picture!! I will show it off when it is done!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

One Powder room done, one kitchen to go.

Hey y'all I think it is safe to say that the powder room is complete. There is always more room for decorations but i like to keep it simple and as open as possible since it is a tiny space to be in. No one wants to be crowded in the bathroom. so here are the after pics. the before was just a plain old yucky off white that had a little too much yellow in it. the new colors are wave crest and relaxing green with some vermont cream. tell me what you think.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Baby shower gifts

So what do you make when you are in a pinch for a baby shower? Well I had to come up with something. I am so use to making girl things that this time around for boys I was totally stuck. So i went with the mommy gift instead of baby gift. I have been wanting to make my own for a long time but just never got around to it. I know you are asking out loud " are you going to tell us what you made???" Ok I made a rice therapy heating bag and to follow with a cold therapy flax seed eye cover (for those hang over mornings when the babes kept you up all night watching M.A.S.H.) I made a little pillow case cover for the rice bag but I sewed the flax seed straight into the bag. That one took a bit of work to keep from spilling all over the place. And I found a blog that made free tags so i just printed them out and viola! All done. I hope mommy likey. The best part was just using what I had for scraps and food. The scent for the rice bag was Lavender/Vanilla. Kinda of smells like clean baby bums. It made me laugh. This is a super simple project with or without the velcro. I opted for velcro cuz it just made it feel like it was finished off. What do you think? Also I was wondering how all the people in Costco get a membership when it is suppose to be a Business Card? Do they just make up a business? I think that if I did start a business I would name it ToodleToots. Don't steal it cuz i just TM'd it. (Trademarked it). So now I have a business name. What to sell at a fraction of the cost? I hate looking at handmde aprons that cost $35. What the H-E-double hockey sticks are they thinking? There is no way I would pay for that. Maybe set between 10-15 buckeroos I would spring for but not $35. Not no way not no how!

1 engineer + 2 Wild kids = Mega Fort

I was upstairs yesterday playing by myself when I hear Sarah ask me " Mama, can I ask daddy to build a fort?"
Now understand this. It was Sunday and I like them to do Sunday activities, but children just don't seem to get it fully so I said it was ok to build a fort. I didn't realize what the fort would turn into with daddy employeed as well.

The kitchen table + chairs got involved along with the thermostat and bars from the bannister.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Painted Bathroom

I am almost finished with our tiny powder room. Who knew that painting one tiny room would cost about 150 buckeroos! we totally didn't need a gallon of each color. one quart would have been enough. Fool me once, shame on me. It won't be happening again. But we need to do a few touch ups where the nice little blue tape took some of the paint off from being left on for several days. We are gonna paint the ceiling and then viola, a new bathroom(powder room). Why, do you ask, is it called a powder room? Well it can fit one person semi-comfortably, two people very uncomfortably. It only is a potty and a tiny corner sink. Great for company so they don't have to run upstairs to use the "powder room" wink wink. I will post pics when it is all done. I didn't do a before pic cuz it was impossible to do so it might be impossible to do the after pics. hey i could just use microsoft paint and draw it for you. That is just as good in my book.