Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pillow Talk

So yesterday i just couldn't sit around doing nothing again. I am so sick of this heat and the lack of enegry that i forced myself to do a project. I found a super cute ruffle pillow tute that i loved and i knew i had the material to do it. do busted out the dusty sewing machine and got to work cutting a sewing and ironing. each pillow was about 30 minutes tops to make. so making 4 helped to keep me busy but not so busy that i could just go and make dinner and then play with the kids and then come back when i was ready to finish up.

I bought this super cute material at the fairgrounds when they have huge super mega craft/sewing bonanza. i knew it would come in handy.
I kept the front the same and the backs all different to add some fun elements. really i just didn't have enough fabric to do the whole pillow. 1/2 yard only does so much.

you can follow this tutorial Ruffle Pillow. click on tutorials and on the left side bar it is at the top.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

how many more people will touch my belly?

Well i am now 18 weeks. I feel my little wee 'uns playing around ever so gently and it is quite darling in fact. The not so darling part is how huge i am already and how much more huge i will become. i have had a few take it upon themselves to make sure there are babies in there. yes, i mean they have rubbed, patted, talked to them, and squealed for joy as if i was carrying THEIR babies for them. How delightful. I have had some stares and leering smiles from older men, which make me run for the hills carrying my ever growing belly. I am wondering how much more brazen people will become. What will i say? For those lookey lous' perhaps i will say " take a picture, it lasts longer!" or "Stare much?" what about the hands on type of people? should i respondly like a mother bear breathing fire-"you wanna keep those hands?" or a polite british woman with proper upbringing-"Kindly remove your hands." what would you say? have you had the pleasure of others molesting you while pregnant? what about those who are so overly excited for you but have no interest in helping you? those are my favorites. jumping up and down for joy, but if i need something ( which i only ask if i am desperate) they are nowhere to be found. or how about when they offer to do whatever they can as if it is a manner of speaking rather than a manner of doing. you know what i mean, right? Like they were only being polite, but don't really mean they will help at all. This is why i try to hide. I try not to be too involved in anything. We stay quite and sit in the back and don't raise our hands so we won't draw attention. Except for my belly. Can't help that. i will post picture later.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Twin Update

Had my regular checkup with CNM-you know those visits where they strip you down to do all the girly stuff. no lumps, bumps etc. Well she was so excited that i was carrying twins that she snuck us into the ultrasound room so she could see them too. This was Jeremy's first time seeing them in action. Nothing could wipe the smile off his face all day long! The cutest part was the babes were bouncing around playing with each other. It was so funny I know they will be best friends. The hard thing was not being able to see if they were a peter or a mary. So i must wait until the specialist lubes my tummy up again on Sept 3rd. Hold on folks....I am taking bets. Boys vs. Girls. Let's see who has the right stuff. check out the sidebar for bets.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Add two more pecks!

We already have a bushel and a peck but it seems that isn't enough and Heavenly Father wants us to have two more. That's right Folks......TWINNERS! I'm actually having a hard time wrapping my brain around this two babies concept. I do get special treatment and i love it! But I don't love all the doctor visits. I have three coming up with in the next 30 days. CRAZY!! i am only 15 weeks but just imagine that my tummy really looks like it is 25 weeks. Totally serious. I am huge for only being just out of the first trimester. I am still worried that something that might go terribly wrong but with enough prayers I know i will be comforted. So say a little prayer for me....... sing it just like that! We still don't know what we are having but i will know by next month. Can't wait to find out if we are having Edward and Jacob or Mary-Kate and Ashley. oops i forgot to mention that so far they look like identical twins. we shall see the further along I go. Wish me luck!