Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hungry anyone?

Don't think we will be forgetting Christmas Dinner 2009

Monday, December 28, 2009

The Holiday has ended!

I am so greatful that it is over and done with and all my decorations are back at the storage unit. I can not bear to start a new year with all the old stuff up reminding me that it is still Christmas. Even the lights are down from the bushes. wow! It looks like we have so much more space in the family room without that giant needle dropping Noble Fir tree by the TV. I have started thinking of my goals for this coming year.
1.Move out of California
2.Get rid of the "stuff" that we have in our place including the stuff in storage.
3.let my hair grow out again.
4.Cook every recipe in this cookbook
5.finish Personal Progress and receive my adult medallion

Not too hard in case God throws us some curve balls. I think we could really move out of here if something opens us anywhere but here. I would move to Alaska if that was avaliable. But mostly I would like to move to Oregon, Warshington, Texas, North Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana, Alabama, Kentucky, Kansas etc. Just not L.A. County or the rest of California unless it was in mountains and away from lots of people.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

with love,
The Warrens 2009

Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Merry!

I watched the funniest episode of Community where they were so PC about the holidays that they just called it Happy Merry. Can America get anymore ridiculous??
Anyhoo here are some Happy Merrys goings ons at ours houses.

can't stop hugging jeremy when he is wearing Stetson All America- I call him my Tom Brady
Ho Ho Ho! Santy came early to our house this year!
This is what happens to your tree when the kids take the pictures
lens wouldn't open all the way, but Emily is enjoying the fake snow AKA- Rain.

Monday, December 7, 2009

My Own Personal Miracle

5 points for the one who guesses where that line comes from.

anyhoo we had our christmas break early this year. in fact we combined it with thanksgiving and took the following week off from school and work. I thought we were going to palm springs and there was no way Sarah was gonna miss school for that. But the night before we left for the weekend Jeremy tells me we are spending a week at Disneyland and California Adventure!!! Totally sweet news! (The kids had no idea where were until on the tram going into disneyland and the drive said welcome to Disneyland. Boy were they shocked and excited!) So we packed and piled into the car for a long 30 minute drive to Anaheim and checked into the time share and headed off to Disneyland. It is suppose to be the slowest holiday week but for reals people! it was pretty packed. We did almost everything and i think we had more fun at california adventure than disneyland. It was less crowded and had a ton of rides for the little darlings. the lines were no wait at all too. major bonus! It was perfect weather and we saw a great parade and great characters. I love Frontier Town and New Orleans Square the best. So i got to take a picture with Jesse and Woody and I yelled out " There's a snake in my boot" and jesse started laughing and woody just turned at me and shook his head. it was hilarious! well our camera was dead so we had to borrow one and all the pics on that camera. so the pictures will just have to come later. oh yeah and with the Princess and the Frog coming out this week they had a huge jubilee that was mardi gras style and I was lovin all the jive!!! i can't wait to see that movie! So we ended up with season passes and literally broke the bank account. Disney did it again to poor california family but this is our Christmas present and I can't wait to go back!