Saturday, August 30, 2008

College Sweethearts

Justin Furstenfeld with Stephenie Meyer

Still in love after 10 years!

Waiting for Stephenie Meyer

Sweet little Mya Moo!

So when I went to Ricks way back in 1997, I didn't have a roommate. I was a single, wacky girl heading off to a Junior College. When I did get there I had an apartment with great girls. Four of the girls roomed with each other, so they knew atleast one other person. I was paired up with the Canadian girl that I just couldn't connect with or figure out. I won't go into details but it was not what I had expected to get out of a roommate. January hit in 1998 like a snow storm when Sarah MacDonald blizzzzzzarded her way into my life for eternity. It has been 10 1/2 years that we have been in love and Be-Fries and I did get to spend a blissful week with her and her family. Lucky for me, we stayed up laughing, crying, comforting each other and constantly praising one another. I couldn't have asked for a better example of Christ in my life so readily available to me. I look up to her and want to be like her when I grow up someday.
While I was in Warshington, lauging myself away, we did some boating, some laughing, some guitar hero, some Twilight, some book signing, some laughing etc. You get the picture witht the laughing part. I just wanted you all to see how awesome she is and see some of the Stephenie Meyer concert that we had fun at. Well i had fun embarrassing her with my outbursts. She still loves me and forgives me for being too wild. That is why I love her so much. She doesn't judge me and just loves me for me.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Still in my nightgown

Ok so it is Thursday morning and close to noon and i am still in my pj's. The girls got dressed hours ago, in fact they dress and redress themselves all day long changing outfits. Me, I just lounge around when i know we have zero plans and way back in my mind i know that school starts next week so i better live it up in the nightgowns and mismatched jammies. Soon i will have to rise at 6 am everyday to walk sarah to school at 7:30am and then walk back with Emily to enjoy preschool mommy and me classes every MWF from 8:30am to 11:30am and then walk back to the school to pick up sarah at 11:45am. Everything is about one mile so add that up to 4 miles of walking atleast 3 times a week and on TTH is only 2 miles a day. so that will be great exercising for me and the girls. i hope i slim down a bit so i can look beautiful with my Mary Kayand have a rockin' body! That is my dream for the new school year. We'll see if it happens. As for now, we still have family in town and our life is not back to normal yet. Tonite cousin Tabitha will be spending the night with us and keeping the girls busy so i can do whatever. Wish me luck!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hot Rod.......Online

So if you, like many Americans, have not watched the very funny HOT ROD then you are missing out on a real treat. It is Napolean Dynamite meets Happy Gilmore. The cast is loveable and hilarious too! There are many reasons that don't have any real explanation to them but they just sort of happen and the dialog really cuts me up to pieces. When you watch it once it is like eating Lays Potato Chips. You can't eat just one. Well, you can't watch it just once. I find myself thinking about it periodically throughout the day and just laugh to myself. You also can't help fall for the cutest Jew boy in the world....Andy Samberg. Who would win in a fight? A grill cheese sandwich or a taco? you tell me.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Mary Kay Way!

Ok so most of you know that when i Like or Dislike something i am very vocal about it and become very passionate about my opinion of the thing, person, place etc. Well I was reintroduced to Mary Kay and rekindled the love I had for her products. So I decided that since I love it so much that I would start my own business selling Mary Kay. No pressure on you guys. I just wanted to share my news about being my own boss and do share something that I love. I have a website that you can check out if you are brave and do your own virtual makeover. MK is not about makeup it is about taking care of your skin. I have noticed a difference with my own face and i love it. visit and have fun. if you know of someone looking to try it out or needs a consultant i would be more than happy to help. P.S. Mary Kay is at the same level as MAC, Chanel, Clinique etc. The best part is not having to deal with people behind a counter that don't know what they are doing or make you up like a clown/hooker. That is another reason why I chose Mary Kay. Everybody deserves to be pampered!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

To Yak Town and Back

So I have been not so good blogging lately. Well as most of you know i was partying in SeaTac and Yakima for a good week. Flames were rekindled betwixt Sarah and myself while we laughed our way into an oblivion. It started out with my first time in an airport cafe where i ordered a business lunch all by myself, followed by missing my first flight to Oakland, followed by taking the next flight out which put me in Vegas walking around tyring to find the B shuttles so I wouldn't miss my flight to Seattle. Once on the plane i was sandwiched between a 12 year old reading Breaking Dawn (who, by our conversation) had not actually read all the words and missed very keys parts of the book. This i scolded her for and on the other side of me was an older lady who was sick but managed to wolf down a giant burrito that smelled the like poop. she kept licking all her fingers with rice on them and talking to me with her mouth full. I did keep the girl in a fit of giggles the whole time and actually scared her by banging on the window of the aircraft. then the landing gear sounded off and the girl screamed on the plane. i was hysterical. she was cracking me up. the lady said i did a good job keeping her busy while on the plane. My luggage was already waiting for me since i missed that flight earlier so i didn't have to wait for it. I only had to wait for sarah and brad to show up and take me back to yakima. well during my wait a lady stopped me for a donation to help homeless kids and i couldn't resist. so they finally found me and we laughed our way home. i think that laughter should fill gas tanks. anyhoo we didn't get there until 1 am and finally feel asleep. i was awoken by her cutie pie girl MYA who i fell in love with instantly. We had a blast all weekend watching HOT ROD and laughing about the world's worst bus driver. you have got to check it out on youtube. it is the funniest thing i have ever seen in my entire life. we went to the lake and knee boarded since that was all we were brave enough to do and i was pooped after that. We enjoyed a BBQ at the MacDonald's currently under construction house and got annoyed at the the neighbor's dogs that look like rats and smelled like horrible piles of poop. Andrew was there to keep the giggles going and little Hannah won my heart with her cute little smile. I made a T-Shirt that said "Howling for Hotties" as a wolfy nod to Jacob Black and the Twilight crew for our final night together in seattle for her Breaking Dawn Party. Justen Furstenfeld was there and he did a very good job with his acoustic renditions of his songs. otherwise i would probably have left the theater if he did it any other way. Stephenie was a sweetheart and very down to earth. I took an easy liking to her and enjoyed talking with her or at her when she signed my book. Just so you know, I asked her if she did her Visiting Teaching this month and she said her sister had moved so she didn't have anybody currently. I told her to come on over and we would talk. She was very sweet and genuine. After that we headed back to our hotel that was conveniently next to the airport so we could catch a shuttle and see me off on Wednesday morning. Parting is such sweet sorrow. I needed to see my family again but i was loathed to leave sarah. She has been such an amazing inspiration to me. I want to be just like her when i grow up. Maybe next time she will come and see me and my crew. but i will let you watch a bit of the concert and laugh at some of our pics from our fun vaca. enjoy and just know that we are just a couple of goof offs having as much fun as we can have!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Hiatus

I know most of you are disappointed in me for not keeping up for a few weeks. well i have a good excuse. I was in Warshington for a week falling in love with my college sweetheart again. Sarah has been there for me through and through like a true blue juke box hero. I was fortunate enough to marry a man who knew that Sarah and I were a package deal and that he would have to share me. So i don't know much time right now to relive our antics because i have tons of stuff to catch up on here at home with the little lassies. Lots of house work too! oh that is my favorite thing in the world. when you come home from vacation and the whole house needs to be redone from top to bottom. back to life. back to reality.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Dodger Dog... Foot Long!

Dodger Stadium

Check out the view. I love it!

Last thrusday was Mormon Night at the Dodger Stadium to watch the Arizona Diamondbacks and Dodgers rough it out with so many mormons watching! At first we had decided that the girls would stay home with the babysitter and we would go with family or friends-whoever wanted the extra tickets. well the babysitter decided to go to girls camp without telling us so we were forced to bring the girls. lucky, nobody else could come and use the extra tickets. It was meant to be that the girls would come and enjoy this american pasttime. driving to Dodger stadium wasn't too bad except we were late and didn't get there until the bottom of the 2nd inning. We missed the first pitch thrown by L. Tom Perry! I truly wished we had seen it. But the girls had a blast. we were so high up but it was perfect. We looked down on the players from behind home plate so it was super easy to see everything. not like sitting out in the field where everything is so darn hard to see. the adults had dodger dogs-they are a foot long!(my first time ever) and the girls munched on an icecream sandwich and cracker jacks. It was fun to be with so many LDS people. There was no smoking, alcohol or swearing. just a bunch of laughter and cheering. We sang "Take me out to the Ball Game" during the 7th inning stretch and Sarah was so excited to actually sing a song that she knew and loved. In the end the Dodgers lost by one run and we all went home unhappy that our team didn't win. I am by no means a Dodger fan but i am a fan of baseball. It was a very fun night for all of us!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Breaking Dawn

No time for posts. I need to finish this book so i can get back to my normal life. No spoilers here.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Flash Back Friday

February 2006
I haven't looked through our archived pics in a long time. This month I think I am finally baby hormone free since i have had some changes that I won't go into detail here. But I was looking back at when Emily was a baby and sarah was so much littler. Amazing how time flies. I love it when we take naps together. We all get so cozy and snuggly, even in the smallest places. like a rocking chair!