Sunday, February 27, 2011

Breast is best......

but dang it all my boobs need a break! Thanks to Enfamil for making the newborn and infant formula. They have helped us to sleep more at night and enjoy quiet hours during the day. The girls are nursing great and some days I don't really have to use much formula and other days they just can't seem to get enough food in their tummies. The nighttime schedule is pretty good and will probably change once they start another growth spurt. They eat around 10pm, then again around 1:30am, then 4:30am and we start all over for the day at 7am. not too shabby. so we get a little bit of sleep. it works even better when they wake up together. doesn't always happen so those feeding sessions get long. It is all worth it especially now since they are starting to smile and focus on things around them.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

7 Weeks!

can y'all believe it!
Jane, Kitty

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tummy Time and Hold Me Time

So if you think that one baby is alot of work, well let me and all the other parents of multiples just laugh in your face. Right now i average about 3 hours of sleep a night and not all in a row or even one full hour at a time. More like little snatches of sleep here and there between nursing, bottles and comforting. And these kids poop alot and have major gas which makes me crack up and then snuggle them even more since i know it must have hurt there little tummys. I, unfortunatley, am a mother that doesn't produce enough milk for all of her babies. I never have even with my two older girls. They made it to 11 months and 9 months, but the twins have to share what little I have between them so we do supplement alot with formula. And even though it says for fussiness and gas it is still hard on their little bodies to digest. I am still nursing them first as much as they want and then when they are unsatisfied(and they always are) we have the bottle on hand for them. But at 6 weeks they are weighing 8 lbs and starting to hold their heads up and having a great time crying while we have tummy time. The best part about crying is if Jane starts up then Kitty has to get hers in too. So instead of one baby just needing to be comforted, I am alone 90% of the day with both crying and wanting to be held. It is very tricky but I do have a great twins nursing pillow that holds them both. Oi vey! This is gonna be a long year!!