Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Beach Baby Balls and Prize!

I finished my balls and it was very easy to make. But I didn't like how the directions were going cuz they kind of confused me somewhere there in the middle. So i just did it the way I thought she was trying to tell me and it turned out just right. I think they are adorable and will make great baby gifts. Janelle has done the challenge and they are super cute. Has anybody else finished theirs yet? You have until April 1st. I will put your name into a drawing for finishing the project and send you something super cute as a prize for participating. Just make sure you let me know and post your project results. Have fun!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Need a new project??

I found this super cute project to make fabric balls that can provide hours of fun for boys and grills ( i mean girls) it is super easy and I can't wait to start with my scraps. I would love to see everyone elses versions of these balls. Let's all meet up and post pictures of them by April Fool's Day. What do you say?

Are you ready for the challenge?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Short Hair and Glasses

Good Morning! No shower and no make up!
So I have my new glasses. I need to wear them for about 2 weeks so I can adjust to them and I think I am doing pretty good. It is fun to put them way down on the end of my nose and act like a librarian. In fact, the girls at church loved it and thought I was pretty dorky. Well I think I will get me a chain so I can take them off and not lose them but still look stylish! hahahahaha who am I kidding. I really do look like I am 30 with this mom hair do and these librarian glasses and to top it off, Jeremy and I went to the Pasadena Symphony on Saturday night and we dressed up. He told me I looked like a business women in black slacks, black blouse and cream colored, crochet sweater and glasses. Now he is Harry Potter and I am Rita Skeeter. What a pair!

Also on Saturday night and into the wee hours of Sunday morning, I created a giant lounge/doggy pillow for sarah. We bought the pattern ages ago along with the material. well i didn't see that i needed 54" muslin and fabric so I had to go and buy extra to make the darn thing. It was pretty easy and fun to make. The best part was watching the girls roll all over it and then tell me what pillows they wanted next. I stayed up to 3 am working on that thing and it looks great! It is about 3 feet wide and it is full of 6 bags of cluster fiber making it super soft and squishy.

great for movies, reading, time out.....

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My latest creation

So I was sewing my heart out yesterday and it turns out i didn't like the way the pattern was taking me so i just ripped it up and did it my own way. it turned out cute and i love the ribbon and flounce. this is a birthday present for a girlfriend here in sunny so cal. i hope she likes it. i sure do!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lengthen Your Stride

I finally got to go running again last night. it has been almost 3 weeks since our last run because of life changing situations but i just pulled myself together and said it was time. It was very chilly outside at 8:35pm but I went it alone since jeremy was super tired and super into his video game. I promised myself to run for 30 minutes straight. now, to some of you, that might not seem like a big deal but when you are so WELL ENDOWED it is a great feat to keep running. I ran 3 miles in 30 minutes. I think that is fantastic. My lungs stopped hurting at lap 10 and my feet were painin' but i kept going until the time said 9:05pm. I knew I could do it. It felt great to stick to my time limit. I wasn't sure I could do it by myself but I just kept telling myself to Lengthen My Stride. President Kimball truly was inspired to encourage everyone everywhere to lengthen their stride in everything they do. so go ahead, Lengthen Your Stride today and watch blessings come running your way!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Refridgerator Organizer

coupons recipes misc.

One for me

For the Girls

So I borrowed this Idea from another awesome blogger. I love her blog. you can check it out at She had her kids make little fridge pockets to hold papers and chart their chores and stuff so I made some for Sarah and Emily, one for me and one for recipes that I rip out of magazines and then throw the magazine away. Jeremy doesn't get one since he never has anything to put on the fridge. Now it looks so cute and not messy and there are no papers falling off the fridge and magnets breaking on the tile floor. YAY! All you need is come scrapbook paper, cardstock, tape and a roll of magnet with a sticky side. Easy and fast. You can scrap it up or make it simple and viola! your fridge looks beautiful.

Also today was a cupcake morning for Emily. Sarah went to school and the first Emily wants after walking home is "Mom can I have a pupcake?" She looks so cute doesn't she? I couldn't say no.

New Things Weekend

The New Tanya(wait till i get my glasses tomorrow)
This was without make make this morning. ew.

So I had an emergency involving scissors and my hair. So drastic that I cried hysterically for being so stupid and inpulsive that when said hair was cut it didn't go the way I had hoped. So I made a phone call at 10pm to the cutest girl in my ward to fix it. I begged her and told her how messed up it was. it was snipped short on accident so the whole head had to go short too. It actually turned out so super cute I love it. I was afraid that Jeremy would be anti-tanya's head of hair but he says he loves it too. Thanks babe. So it is just hair and it will grow back out. I just wish that when it was cut, that I would have also lost a few pounds too so I wasn't so chubby with short hair. that is just me being my own worst critic.

Before the Hair Cut- I went to Ikea on friday night to get a baby shower gift and ended up getting Sarah a new dresser. Her old pink on was in sore shape and just couldn't handle her clothes anymore. So I said goodbye to the $5 dresser from DI and bought her this one from Ikea.
Emily was helping dad

YAY! New dresser!

saying goodbye for a long time

little cheerleader sarah
My brothers and sister
final resting place
So here are some photos from when I got together ( finally) with all but 3 sisters. Can you believe we all have the same dad? Expect richard. we have the same mom but my dad adopted him. can you pick him out?

Friday, March 6, 2009

Sunrise Sunset

August 2007

I am just in awe at how fast children grow and change. When did my little darlings start to change? The obvious answer is since birth but the changes have been so gradual until I look back and see little little girls turn into bigger sweeter little darlings. gosh where has the time flown and why do I feel like I am still the same but they are the ones changing? Does time really stand still for adults but not for children? In pictures the changes are so drastic and I almost feel like it must have been a lifetime ago for them but when I see them everyday I think of it as yesterday I was holding them in my arms and they were just starting to coo at me and need me constantly. You look at the pictures and then try to comfort me by saying they are still little and not to worry that they are growing up.

January 2009