Friday, May 8, 2009

Paper Craft Wednesday!

Sweet and simple
So my camera finally started to work(thanks to my hubby) and I took a pic or two of my very simple cards that I made in a jiffy for Janelle. ( these are coming to you soon girl!) I had fun but as you can see I am super simple with the card making process. I hope to improve in time and just from checking out Kelli I have seen some great ideas! Check out Paper Craft Wednesday by clicking on my link on the right side bar! Maybe you will try it out too!

Happy Birthday Day Sarah!

Pool time
Crazy Birthday guests
Hello world I am 6 years old!
The Pink Panther
Daddy and the birthday girl!
Sarah's Good Morning Birthday Flowers
I know i am a bit late with this post but i was having some computer difficulties and it turns out i was using the wrong cord! Such a dork i am. Anyhoo Sarah is my big 6 year old now and she is so different from last year. She is so bubbly and happy and ready to play doggie but now she is actually bigger and wanting to do more things like go to raging waters and now she has glasses and can read all by herself. I don't remember being able to read all by myself at this age. She had a Pink Panther birthday, which, when she requested it we started laughing. What 6 year old really knows the pink panther and wants a pink panther cake?? So luckily, we just happened to have the cake pan and some music and the movies to play while the little darlings were showing up. It was actually a swim party as well. It was very overcast and cool but the girls didn't give a hoot about the weather and wanted to swim. So after cake and presents we took a dip and had a blast. Sarah got a ton of gifts and I won't name them all but I will say that she got what she wanted which included Roller Blades and a mini air hockey table! I couldn't believe that sarah could ride roller blades with no problems! Where did I get this girl? I believe that she is so talented and will far surpass Jeremy and myself in talents and she has the biggest heart as well. I love you Sarah Rose Darling Warren!!