Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kids say the darndest things

Just picture this. Two girls in the tub. The eldest 5 1/2 and the younger one 3. They are splashing around making a huge moat around the tub. Then you hear this "Smeagal, why do you cry, Smeagal?" repeated a hundred times with laughter mixed betwixed the Smeagal talk. The weird part is the kids didn't even watch the movies with us. They just know it. Plus they were trying their hardest to sound like him. oh deary. These kids are the coolest! Maybe soon I will hear them saying, "what's taters, precious?"

Monday, January 26, 2009

Starting the New Year Off Right!

So Jeremy and I felt it was time to sit and watch all 3 of the Lord of The Rings DVD extended versions. We are on the last disc but I am so happy that we have all of them and just sit and relax and see some of the B grade horror shots and the funny lines, drool over beautiful people, agree that no matter how much time you spend with gollum/smeagal you still don't want him in your face telling you anything(you can imagine the stinky raw fish breath and disgusting teeth), or sam being called a "stupid, fat hobbit", notice all the backdrops that looked so real you swore they were the first time you saw them, and marvel at the immense about imagination that Tolkein had to create this fantastic world. If you haven't watched them this year or last year, I'd say it was high time you set aside some of reality to dive into fiction and fantasy and cheer men, a dwarf, elves and hobbits in an epic battle to save Middle Earth. So I know you are all wondering who I drool over. Maybe i should do a poll to see how well anyone knows me.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sunny AZ

So i am in Mesa, AZ to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday by helping my mother get back on her feet. I will return to scorching hot California on Monday night. So when I decided to drive here by myself I had no idea there were two Highway 60's and google maps failed me and i added about 2 hours to my drive through some crazy podunk towns and winding two lanes. I was nervous but I just kept my spirits up by listening to a children's book on CD read by Brenden Fraser and let me tell you, he can do all the voices. I mean ALL the voices you can think of. I was thoroughly entertained until i came to a big city and pulled up to a Barnes and Noble and stopped my first and last elderly couple to set me back on my route to Mesa. I was about an hour away and 5 freeways away. I am so surprised at how the Lord blesses. Mind you I was lost for awhile and would never have found my way back without having the courage to stop and ask these sweet folks how to get back. It sort of reminds me of the gospel and when we lose our way. We just need to ASK. So they gave me great directions and I made it in the dark to a city I have never driven to before all alone and in good spirits. My poor mother on the other hand was in dire straits hoping i wasn't dead in a ditch and jeremy had already called looking for me. So I am here enjoying my vacation and the sun. See you all back in California.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Back from Vacation

Well it is great to say that we left Utah and arrived back in California in one piece. It took longer than expected with all the holiday traffic but all in all it was safe. We had a very fun time playing with grandma Judy and Juliann and also made some wonderful new friends, The Barlows. They showed us warmth and hospitality and gave us a free place to stay, which we trespassed upon for longer than expected( i got really sick) but they were so kind and loving. The children were great and played so well with Sarah and Emily. We hope to see more of them in the future. I think I came home smarter from playing Take 2. That is my new favorite game. The British Dictionary has every word imaginable I think including fictional names. I know you are saying "random" but hey who knows where thoughts come from, they just appear. We were able to sled, and visit our old ward, meet up with my girls from Girls' Night and have lunch, shoot fireworks, freeze in the snow, get sick, eat brick oven, spend money, do some light work with quickbooks, play a very fun round of Guitar Hero, eat at spaghetti mama's and be poisoned, watch BraveHeart, play at the dinosaur in the University Mall, etc. I feel like bilbo when he says he felt like butter being scraped over too much bread. I loved every minute except the barfing part and realized how much I truly missed Utah. Now that I am back I have been cleaning all day. You name it and I have been cleaning it. I am nowhere finished with it all but I have everyday to do that. As for New Years Resolutions I haven't decided what they are but I have resolved to make a resolution. Maybe I will post it on the side. I am not getting too ambitious though. I don't want to burn myself out during the school year. I think I will play more games with my girls and hubby. That sounds like my first one -Yay! Happy New Year to you all!