Thursday, July 30, 2009

Art Lessons from a 6 year old

my teddy named Brownie

Warren Family Portrait 2009
Sarah is really into drawing our pictures and she is fantastic! I woke up to her saying " don't move mom, i am drawing your face." She has done quite a few of me and of my teddy bear, and of Emily and just now she has finished our family photo. I don't know about you but i am thinking of using it for Christmas cards.

mom in the morning-Don't ask...

Friday, July 24, 2009

New Obsession

It isn't mine but I do indulge them. My girls are so darling and beautiful. I swear they are my Jane and Elizabeth Bennet. I know they will marry rich husbands. Why else would they be so beautiful? Anyhoo inside those sweet little bodies and behind their beautiful faces are super heroes in disguise. Without a mask they can transform themselves into anyone they want to be. As of late they are Shark Boy and Lava Girl. Did you ever watch that movie? I love it so I let them watch it only once a day. I do get requests for 2-3 times a day. Can you just picture these two girls pretending to shoot lava out of her hands, or go into a shark frenzy? It is the funniest thing and no matter many times they quote the lines to me, i can't stop laughing. Even George Lopez has me laughing as the teacher/villian. I really love kid movies that make my children's minds go into a frenzy(shark)! How are your kids doing this summer with their imaginations?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kill the Summer boredom!

Are you getting bored already? School starts in a month and a half for Sarah and we are already tired of the heat but managing to hit the pool everyday that we are not sick! So I have done two projects that I want to share with you in case you are getting bored. They are super easy and will make your kids happy if you choose to share with them!

1.Polynesian candy bracelets(much like the candy lei)-lay plastic wrap down on the table. put your candies in a row and then roll the wrap around the candies. try small ribbons between each candy and tie up the end to make a bracelet. these won't last long though so take the pics quickly!

2.Pillow magic- use any left over scraps of material(if you sew and have any) cut out your favorite shape(we used hearts) and sew right sides together leaving a hole big enough to stuff. stuff it as full as you want with fiberfill(the best deal is at walmart in the sewing section-less than $4 a bag) and then top stitch the opening closed. VIOLA! you have a fun new pillow. It takes about 30 minutes from cut out to cuddle!

I hope everyone is having a fun summer so far and not getting too bored. Hopefully I will be seeing my new Neice, Lavender Dawn, this weekend. Jeremy's sister, Amber, had her baby last friday and we have yet to see the baby in person. I did watch her big sister Emerald yesterday and it was easy as pie with three girls. I have watched 3 kids + 1 infant all at one time and I know I can do it, I just don't know if i can handle the birthing process again. But every night I am dreaming about babies so I think I am almost ready for #3. We shall see when that happens. Every day gets easier and easier with little girls who can take care of themselves for the most part.

Monday, July 13, 2009

We are alive again.....

Zion National Park all the way at the top!
I love these kids and their daddy!
our first hike up in Cedar Breaks

We have been super sick from our vacation to Utah but now life is starting out all normal again for us. We have been to see the Zion National Park and many other beautiful sights up in Brian's Head, UT. I was able to visit with my mom as well. We loved every part up until the night before we left when the puking started. Slowly, one by one of us got this nasty bug and seriously you can lose five pounds and wish you hadn't it! It was so miserable. It took me about 3 days to get over it. The girls took a whole day but that was it!

On another note I am a new Aunt again! My sister in law gave birth to a little girl on friday. Her name is Lavender Dawn Ballentine. I have only seen her in pictures and she is a doll! Mommy was exhausted and little Lavender was having some congestion so they stayed in the hospital for a night until they went home on saturday.

And now this week we will be babysitting a guinea pig for some friends, and having our cousins from michigan fly in this week to play until the end of the month. so now that we are better we have a lot coming our way! I plan on painting the tiny bathroom this week too. wow now that i think of it we are gonna be busy. oh well atleast we won't be bored or annoyed from this heat.

Speaking of heat, does anybody else wake up to an army of ants when it gets super hot? I try to keep the Sabbath Day holy by limiting my activities on Sunday. If that means a sink full of dishes stays until monday than that is ok with me. But this morning i was shocked to see so many ants. I have not had this problem for a long time but when the A/C comes on at 8am you know that it will be a scorcher and you better expect ants. so i cleaned them up. I didn't get upset. It was funny the way sarah came running to me yelling " mom, mom, come quick! there are millions and millions of ants. i am serious!" i just laughed and said "let's go kill them."
What a great way to start monday morning.