Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Experiement

So for all my life I have had issues with food. Not with comsuming too much or too little but the whole digestion thing. I felt like any time I was going to eat something there would be a problem. And I eat pretty healthy. Hey the daily brownie is healthy right? So finally at age 100, I mean 31, I decided something has got to change and I wasn't about to go through some crazy tests with a doctor. I simply don't have the time or patience to listen to some bozo "try" and figure out what went wrong with me. I am pretty smart and not clueless about different digestion problems. Heck, my mother has Colitis, so I know about THOSE problems. Not cool and very painful if not eating properly. So I was challenged to do the Atkins Diet cuz I mocked it so badly. And yeah, I totally believe in the Food Pyramid so it was easy to laugh at Dr. Atkins. Wow. Big. Mistake. So about 2 1/2 weeks ago I set aside my craving for sweets and breads etc. I lost my craving treats *sob sob* and guess what? I also lost my painful digestion problems. I didn't figure it out until taco salad night at my house for din din. I asked jeremy to grab some chips on the way home from work and he shows up with Gluten Free Chips. I started laughing and asked him why he bought Gluten free chips. Jeremy says: They were the cheapest.
Little did we know that was going to change my life. Within 20-30 minutes after eating I start to have a serious, painful problem along with other unsavory responses to the food I had just eaten.
After Taco Salad, I have nothing. I was confused. I stopped and looked at Jeremy and said "Something is wrong, different, I feel good with no tummy aches. Why?
I went through what we ate. Ground Beef, cheese(my enemy cuz i thought i was lactose intolerant), tomatoes, lettuce and gluten free chips. I knew it! The chips were the only thing different. I had a gluten problem. After that I night I was strictly adhereing to a gluten free, sugar free diet along with Atkins and the results have been astounding. I accidently had a soup with barley in it and was suffering but I didn't repeat that. It was my control soup if you know what i mean. So now I begin a new chapter in my life as a Gluten Free Mom.
It works for me and I am happy to follow this new food lifestyle. I started losing a ton of weight with no other changes to my exercise. Who knew?? I don't need a doctor to tell me otherwise cuz this seems to be working. Finally I can eat without wanting to die afterwards. Now I just have to annoy everyone else by asking what is in their food all the time. How do I do that tactfully? I guess I will figure it out as I go along.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

PTA rears its ugly head

How do I get the old PTA pres to hand over all the budget and bylaws so we can do our audit and get on with the new year????? any suggestions cuz threats aren't working!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


That's right folks. I am now the president which was quite easy to win since i live in a very uneducated, i-don't-care-to-speak-english community. This is only the 3 rd year since PTA has been up and running and I feel like a Kindergartner(say like Joe Pesci on Home Alone). I really have no clue and the fund-raiser has already been under way so I have no worries until the first of the year. At that point we will begin our Appreciation Brunches, wave good bye to our kids as they head off to field trips that we fund, and have awards ceremonies. Can't be too difficult. I would like to throw in a talent show but who knows. The parents just don't care. It bothers me alot, and i want to be like those penguins in Madagascar and blow this dump. I have been elected for 2 years and we have to "motion" everything before we can do it. Also I am on the District Board as the School Rep and the Vice-Chairman on the School Site council. Can I do it? We shall see. I could take time from my busy marky mark pants dropping schedule to help my daughter and her school. After this though, I am thinking we move to the country get a ranch and home school my kids and have them take horsey lessons. Sounds good to me. I am so over the whole California City Life. Get me outta here!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A new man in my life...or return of Robert Jordan

So the new Robert Jordan/Brandon Sanderson book is out and i have been devouring and i am sad already cuz i know i will finish it this week and have to wait a whole 'nuva year until the next one comes out. If you might recall, Robert Jordan passed away in 2007. I remember seeing the article online the night it happened and i just burst into tears. and I cried for 3 days after that. I actually have a picture of him that my MIL took at the book signing on my dresser. he was a genius. So sorry I have to get back to my book. and Shaun if you are reading this. you can't tease me about this. oh , and leaving that book on my bed knowing I would cry was a mean trick. but there is time for me to get you back. just wait. BWAHHHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA. sorry, reading now........