Saturday, October 30, 2010


Do any of you feel the same frustration as me when you see all these awesome blogs of furniture redos? I can't fathom where they find this stuff first of all, and then have the money to change it up and look so beautiful. And then they actually have a place in their house( i don't have a house), you know it was just "perfect" for they spot they picked. I have a million ideas right now in my head but have no room or extra monies to do anything with them. How about I start and ANTI-Reupholstry blog, and keep it real like the rest of America on a one income living in California? Does that sound interesting? Every week i could feature a piece of furniture in my house that hasn't changed since we got married 9 years ago and is falling apart but can't be replaced or fixed up right now, has pencil drawn all over its surface and paint chips flaking off the banister cuz the owner used water based paint on top of oil based paint on top of water based paint with so many layers the wood doesn't know what the crap is going on. I could highlight the walls that were painted with a flat eggshell only to be half way repainted with a high gloss or possibly semi gloss eggshell paint so you can see the roll strokes half way up the wall. I could also feature the green carpet that doesn't go with any shade of paint or color of furniture and makes my place dark like a dungeon. The brass fixtures would get a post all on their own. Why Brass???? seriously it looks ugly and cheap. Well i just hit the nail on the head. It must have been cheap when they did this place. Did i mention I hate EGGSHELL paint with green baby poop colored carpet? Let's not forget the popcorn ceiling that my daughter on her top bunk loves to touch and get all over her bed and carpet. I can actually see the dust lining around the ceiling getting in between all the popcorn. Hey I think I might have something here. I just need a million followers, and be featured on somebody else's blog and TV show/Magazine. i wonder if Pottery Barn would be interested.
PS I also don't own a cricut or sillouette machine for cutesie, simple decoration projects.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

26 weeks!

26 weeks and counting.
yeah i know, the mirror needs to be cleaned.

I apologize right now for the poor picture quality. I couldn't wait any longer to take a picture of this gigantic belly! Yup, that is me taking a picture in the mirror. So "myspace". These two little munchkins kick me all day long and when they hit me just right on my pelvic floor, I have to cross my legs and take a deep breath! The doc says I have about 9-10 more weeks and that puts me at having a Christmas Miracles. I still can't figure out how i am going to keep stretching. It hurts and is hard to wear clothes. Fortunately the weather turned to fall and so wet and rainy keeping temps down in the 60's and it has been a life saver since i am so hot and swelly. well now i have no more swelling! yay....why am i still wearing flip flops? well they are comfy and i don't want to risk the "old people on a plane swelling in me feet" and take my shoes off one day only to find i can't put them back on. So i wear the flip flops in the rain. Let's hope and pray that little Jane and little Kathrine come before the new year so we can get twice the tax break. We are gonna need the money.
Doesn't the crib look so girly? I am so proud of myself for making the bumpers and skirt.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cowboy Vs.Prince

conversation in the car with mom and dad while mom is rocking out to a good ol' country boy Josh Turner:
Sarah (sighing and says)" I wish i could marry a cowboy."
Emily (busting at the seams) " I wish I could marry a Prince!!"
mom and dad looking at each other smiling and chuckling quietly in the front seat.

Wait are only 7 and 4. you can't already know what type of man you want to marry. Please stop. It makes me want to cry cuz one day you will leave home and marry a cowboy and a prince.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The camera has no batteries

So I am providing a sneak peak of the womb from baby center. Just a note, I started laughing when i skipped ahead to see what 36 weeks looks like. I can't believe that I will stretch anymore cuz i feel like i hit the max already. Not to mention the boxing match that continues daily between these to girls. I hope to have some batteries for a real pic of this ever growing belly. I am 24 weeks and I am up 25 lbs. I have 10 lbs. to go and 12 more weeks. Bring on the cold weather cuz it is getting hotter in the body by the day!