Wednesday, December 26, 2007

70 degrees outside for Christmas

Well i hope that everyone did have a very happy christmas. I think that we did very good for all the kids that we had here running around with wrapping paper flying around our heads and thigh deep in toys, clothes, blankets and books. I feel like the mess has gone done some with the paper all picked up and the garbage out and gone. Jeremy took sarah and her cousin, Tabitha, to the ice rink for ice skating lessons with Jason too. I just know that one will come back with a broken nose or arm or something since Jason is so rough. I am trapped at home today just like the last two days since their is no car here for me. it always seems that i get left behind for every outing. well i didn't really want emily to go ice skating. she is now in slumberland thanks to me seeing the signs that she needed to take a nap and relax from all the craziness. wow this blog is so boring. i wish that i had something cool to write about and say but nothing is coming to mind. maybe my brain has joined the writer's strike and the rest of me is left to its own defenses. that is why nothing good is on tv and we are left to watch these reject miniseries about christina applegate. oops i hope nobody loves that show. i can't even remember what it is about since i couldn't watch more than 2 minutes of it. o man. who says that i am super judgmental about movies, books, music and tv??? let me at them!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

christmas is coming...aaaaargh why won't the camera work?

So I tried to retrieve my pictures from Digi camera and it opened half way and then just turned off. What the heck? I started to get really upset since Christmas is just days away and this is our only real camera. So I recharged the batteries and then recharged them again. so they are fully charged. i put them back in the camera and .....nothing again. i go through this about 10 more times. so jeremy tells me to take it down to the camera shop and see what they can do. I show up and the guys looks at it and says" I can see what the problem is. It looks like the lense is crooked and like it was hit." I reply" Not impossible since i have 2 curious Georges in my house." He then tells me that it would be about 4 weeks out since it takes a long time to take the lense apart and clean it all and then reset the lense. my heart starts to sink. he can tell that i wanted it for christmas. So just for fun he tells me that it cost about $80 big ones and he would be more than happy to work on it when he had a chance. As i try to thank him for his time he tells me that he wants to just check the batteries. Can you see where this is going folks? So he takes out the rechargeables and puts in new ones and viola! they work. instead of $80 he only charged me $50. hahahahha he did say that but he was just kidding and i was laughing cuz there was no way on this earth in this solar system in our universe and in this dimension that i was going to pay him for changing the batteries after he told me it was a lense problem. wow does this guy know his stuff or what? to make a long story short-*too late*- it works and we are ready to take on Christmas Vaca in L.A. Happy Christmas to you all!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

7 things you might not know about me

1.I love sci-fi and fantasy novels. Well mostly fantasy. At one point I started acting like characters from Robert Jordan's novels and then jeremy would have to bring me back to reality. you will have to ask me what characters if you want to know. i don't think too many people know his books. amanda will though.

2.I have this crazy fascination with Kung Fu comedies. I swear i have watched Shoalin Soccer a million times. Plus I had a crush on Jet Li for a long time. and i think that Jackie Chan is freakin' funny. but on the other hand i really like House of Flying Daggers cuz the chick was awesome and the love story was great. check it out!

3.I am way totally into Ephemara. What? you ask. Well it is photos or drawings of vintage life. I find it very romantic and nostalgic. It makes me feel like a tiny bit of the past is present in my life. that sounds funny! I wish i could have fought for women's right to vote and be recognized as human beings and at the same time be romantic and feminine.

4.I have successfully passed on the tradition of loving strawberry shortcake to both of my girls. I have to watch SSC about a million times a day. Can you think of anything better for two budding girls to watch. Strawberry is so loving and thoughtful. She takes care of her little custard and helps her friends. I think she is a pretty good example. Glad i love her and that my girls do too. i don't have a pic of emily dressed up yet and this one is from 2 years ago. i was sour grapes and jeremy was the peculiar purple pie man and sarah was of course, Strawberry! But we always considered Emily as our Apple Dumplin. You know, Strawberry's baby sister.

5.I collect snails. not live ones you sillies! it started out as a joke but then my BFF and i just started giving them to each other. all was great until our families found out and now they seem to buy us the ugliest ones all the time for every gift giving occasion. way to spoil a fun collection.

6.My favorite thing to do is Family History. I love to unlock the closed doors of my ancestors. I know that they are grateful that i am trying my hardest to get the work done for them. I teach the FH class and just can't imagine a better calling. I feel like it is my own personal little pet. i get to nurture it and watch it grow into something amazing and it becomes a huge blessing to myself and my family. Do your Family History and feel that spirit of Elijah too!

7.One of my goals in life is to participate in a Revolutionary War or Civil War reenactment. I hope to be able to sew the costumes true to their original stitching. I can just see it now.....out on the battlefield nursing the men back to health. having them fall in love with me too. that would be a bonus!

Now i am done! Tag Lydia, amanda, brittany!

Monday, December 3, 2007

my everyday life

Many of you are wondering where are the kids in all of this madness that surrounds our author? Well I have been hesitant to show off their beauty and keep their vanity level to a minimum. I was confronted by my bestest friend and blogger to please let us see how "life with the warrens" really is and how the little monsters are growing. So i dedicate this blog to Sarah and Emily. The two greatest, most challenging loves in my life. I really can not imagine how my life would have been fulfilled without them here with me. What would i be doing? Just working so Jeremy could go to school? Yeah that sounds fun. I love how they try to help each other and then the next minute they are screaming and biting and whatever else to get at a toy or utensil or a toothbrush or whatever it is at the moment. I think the neighbors can hear my yelling. I have been trying to treat them like the innocent children that they are and they ARE an heritage to the Lord. I don't deserve them. It is more of a learning process for me than it is for them. So hats off to you, Sarah and Emily!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Guilty Pleasures

I am involved in a new guilty pleasure. One that I didn't think would be possible 15 years ago. When I was in high school, my mom, sister and I would wait every sunday night for Lois and Clark: The Adventures of Superman to come on and then we would record it to watch again later in the week as many times as we wanted. A friend of mine asked me to help her rearrange her apartment and in the middle of that i saw her DVDs with 4 seasons of Lois and Clark. I was entranced. All those memories of how great a show it was and how delicious Dean Cain was in that get up. I had to borrow them. I have neglected some duties around here and find excuses to watch it. I have been laughing alot at the cheesey one liners and the graphics. Hey they were innovative back then. I wish tv was like this again. no more with all the super explicit and graphic dead mutilated bodies that cops are trying to find out about. That hits to close to home. But a comedy, romance, mystery with Superman that sounds interesting. I guess the biggest guilty pleasure that i am sure will go down in my history is the fact that....wait.... i can't is so......i'm too embarrassed....oh alright since we are all in good company i must admit that i am very much in love with the Mummy. Not the mummy that is dead but when he is alive and immortal. I don't know what it is but i love that movie and him. alright go ahead and laugh because it is really ridiculous.