Tuesday, November 27, 2007

just when i thought i was done....

Cleaning i turn around and there is another huge mess. Honestly, will it ever end? Am i doomed to pick up after my family for the rest of eternity? I love when i have everything cleaned vacuumed and put away and then dusted. The next day it all begins again since we used dishes and the stove and made a popcorn string for the tree so of course there are a gazillion popcorn pieces all over the place, clothes in the bathroom from baths and shoes in the middle of the floor surrounded by a million tiny toys including ornaments. Oh how i love the Holidays! To top it off my mother thinks i am so super organized and have such a clean place that now i have to live up to that since she is spending the Hannukkah holiday with us. Oh the stress. I even cleaned under the oven and the dishwasher and washed down the fridge. There are not enough of me to go around to do it all. can't i just have a kitchen angel to do that for me and then a bathroom angel and a dusting angel? i can do the rest. I know i have time for that atleast. Is this what the pilgrims did all day? I feel like the more stuff we have the more i have to clean. wish i was a pilgrim. which by the way if i was i would take only two things with me if i went back in time. One: My diva cup! no rags for me. and Two: Old Bay spice. i have to have it on everything. i am addicted.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Turkey Coma

I do believe that our family ate its way into a Turkey Coma. We just recovered from the Sugar Coma that Halloween brought to us. Wow. I want to keep sleeping and just forget about the sales. We are not planning to leave the house today at all. The rest of America can beat each other up over stupid new electronic gadgets and elmos'. I can see the women in Utah racing to get to Joanns for the best deals or to Roberts to pick up their millions of scrapbook brads and hole punches and cricut machines cuz they use to be $499.99 but today they are only $449.99. Holy Cow what a steal! No wonder people are so prone to bankruptcy. Anyhoo I hope that everyone had a good, disfunctional holiday like the Larson family on "Home for the Holidays." We watch it every year on thanksgiving and never tire of their antics. In fact we laugh just as hard everytime. It was a genius movie.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Save the Whales!!

My family is thankful we don't kill harmless whales who are intellegent. It is insane to think that japanese people need to preserve their whale eating habits when humpback whales are a protected species. i wish i could harpoon me some japanese while they are swimming and see how they like it!! come on people isn't their enough food and do we always need to think that every animal is for consumption??