Monday, June 30, 2008

the 'Stauche

Ok seriously this picture and time period in my husband's life kills me. Every guy does it i think especially once they graduate from BYU. No facial hair for as long as you are at school means growing as much or as little as fast as you can for a goofy mustachio or beard or flavor saver or chops, or goatee or whatever, maybe the abe lincoln style beard. Jeremy jumped on this bandwagon but it took longer than we expected for it to come to fruitation. He had a nice beard going but decided to show up to his first day on the job nice and baby faced. So while shaving he stopped and asked if the mustache was working for me. Well just looking at the picture you can tell it was not working for anyone. maybe if it was thick like his dad's was and looked normal i would maybe not say no as quickly but that!i was actually loving him a little less when i had to tell him to shave it off all the way. you be the judge and tell me if i was over reacting or justified in my decision.

Monday, June 23, 2008

my little mini me

Sarah is so funny. she does things that she doesn't even know reflect what i did in my youth. i am sure she will love to hear me say " you are just like me when i was your age!" wow i hated to hear that. i remember posing like this but not till i was in college on the counter tops at ricks. she is starting early to love to the camera and look so cool doing it too.

Friday, June 20, 2008

When summer gets hot and boring....

Have a FASHION SHOW!! Not just any fashion show, but one that involves mom's clothes and destroying her closet! Wow you can tell that we get bored when the heat kicks in to high gear. yeah, nobody told me it was gonna be 101 degrees STILL at 5pm everyday. Also you need to spend plenty of time standing in front of the mirror examining yourself and how good you look in someone else's clothing. Don't be afraid to look older either or compliment yourself at how thin you look when the clothes are hanging off of you too!

Mud Bath and Pants Pie

Earlier this week we were left stranded without our pool key. We almost died. We hit that pool everyday unless we are not home at all to enjoy its refreshing waves of chlorine. So we hung out on our back patio with the little walmart pool until we toasted ourselves enough and got bored. That is when the little darlings took to watering their plants and mud hole. I went inside to change and came out to baby elephants playing in the mud. Sarah even did a little mud dance for me. I wasn't upset. I was actually laughing at how much fun they were having. Secretly I was planning on how much fun i would have hosing them off with the freezing cold hose. I didn't hold back. I had a good excuse to drench them from head to toe. I don't have photos of that because: A. it is too difficult to hose some screaming kid down while taking photos and B. What would child services say if they saw how giddy and delighted i was to torture my wee 'uns?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

5 Reasons Why I love My Dad!

Composed by Sarah Warren
1.He loves me.
2.Protects me from evil, skeletons, ghosts etc.(i think we have damaged her a little early)
3.Plays board games like Key to the Kingdom and lets me get the key
4.Takes me on dates to the mall and park
5.sings " you are my sunshine" to me when i go to sleep at night.

Composed by Emily Warren
1.Let's me tickle him
2.Shares the bed when I get scared at night and need mommy
3.Carries me around like a baby
4.Pretends to be a horsie and give me rides
5. wrastles with me.

Composed by Tanya Warren
5 Reasons why I Love Jeremy being the father of my children
1.He teaches them the difference between the DC and Marvel Universes
2.He plays with the girls while i run away shopping
3.He loves them even though they aren't boys. :)
4.Teaches them how to ride bikes, color, play guitar hero, rock band etc.
5.Tells them that they are beautiful everyday and hugs and kisses them like there is no tomorrow!

We love you daddy! Keep up the good work!
You Are My Sunshine - Soggy Bottom Boys

Friday, June 13, 2008

Summer Fun '08

Summer fun!

This is the "tooth yankin'" carmel corn we made and ate when bored one day

The days truly seem to be the lazy(looooooong) and sometimes boring days of summer. We have been trying to keep busy doing the usual summer time things. Swimming everyday gets kinda blah but the kids love to go and get some laps in, then there is the sprinkler which is a riot with our little cousin Emerald, plus who says you can only color eggs on easter? Riding a bike is another way to pass the time and just plain ol' dress up keeps us in stitches for awhile. We are mostly trying to stay busy until dad rolls his old bones home to entertain us. We are pretty much starved for attention by the time 5 pm comes calling!

Saturday, June 7, 2008


I cannot figure out how hair gets so messed up at night. And why is it always worse with little kids. I can not ever remember having such bad hair as emily or sarah. and to top it off they don't want their hair brushed. i don't blame them. those snarls gotta hurt something bad! and people wonder why i just forget the ponies and let them run around like ragamuffins.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Team Jacob

Sorry but i just couldn't help being silly. since i just finished Eclipse i had to just get it out there that i am a Jacob girl. There i said it. deal with it. don't care how out of control he is or if he act immature-that's the best part. no pretending. just be yourself and enjoy being human.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Turned 30 and in shock!

I seriously don't know i how i got to this age. i can remember yesterday i was in high school just trying to get decent grades and find ways to hang out past curfew. then it was cool in my 20's cuz i had plans and went to the other side of the world and loved it. And then i thought what could be better than getting married and having babies? It seems like a blur sometimes how fast time travels. I actually looked in the mirror on my birthday scrutinizing every little line to see if i was just making a wrinkle or if it was already there laughing at me. Inside i still feel no older than 18. Can this really be happening? I always thought i would be able to accept the aging process and be free to grow old and be happy about it. I guess if i am honest with myself i am not so happy about it. must be all this twilight stuff. wow i need to cut back! anyhoo i know you are dying to see what i did for my birthday.

The Pasadena Stake Fair

Sarah had a pony ride while Emily freaked out about the giant beasty.

Emily much preferred the bounce houses. just lounging.

sweet sweet can.....dy (say like homer simpson)
after all the fun that day we went back to grandma Carol's house for the cake and presents. now don't be shocked at how silly and serious birthdays are for me. jeremy knew i was expecting it.

seriously i thought i was getting the real superman for my birthday. actually it was more like a wish for the imaginary me.

My personal favorite- Strawberry Shortcake! Yummy yummy!
this was just a couple of the presents. i did get others earlier or later and i have to say thanks to all those who remembered me. you know who you are and i love you all!
So after all this fun stuff, Jeremy took me out to one of my favorite stores LUSH and i picked my favorite soap. i love it. You have to try the Sultana of soap it is delicious to me. And then we walked to a restaurant that i was not expecting. It was an Indian place but i can't remember the name. I was in surprised since Jeremy doesn't love Indian food like I do. It was heavenly. My mouth was on fire after the first 2 bites and i loved every bite! What a great day.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

No time..... Too Obsessed

No time right now to blog about anything good. kids won't stop screaming and whining and i am addicted to the Twilight books. reading New Moon right now and on Tuesday there will be a New Moon. hahahaha thought i would throw that in for you all! gotta go and read. the cord only reaches so far until i spring back to the book. check out the trailer if you haven't already. oh and those of you who know i was totally, vehemently against this book series, please forgive me and now i will go and eat my shoe for not reading it sooner.