Saturday, February 28, 2009

" oh did you think i didn't know what a Eugooglie was?"

So I never thought in all my life I would be presenting a Eulogy for anyone, let alone my father. I think I did ok. I saw my brother with tears in his eyes and I had them in my eyes a couple of times. Planning a funeral is never easy but I swear having the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my life has made it so easy to press on and feel the peace in my heart that I need right now in my life. At the viewing I wasn't scared only sad that my dad knew he was dying for a long time but didn't tell anyone including his wife. He promised that he would die doing service for the members of the church and he literally did just that. He was loading up his truck with bread for the members and took a break and went to heaven. He told the bishop two weeks before that they next time he saw the bishop it would be in heaven. The bishop thought that was weird but it was completely true. My dad was too sick to make it to church the sunday before he passed. It was awesome to see him in an all white casket with his complete temple clothes on with the American flag on the other half of the casket. With any luck, I will be presented with that flag at the burial. I have made a vow to have that flag as a reminder of my father and love for his country while he served in the Army. I will be leaving home tomorrow night once again to attend the burial in the VA cemetary on Tuesday morning. He was a hard man but I loved him and his soft heart.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Taxes Sweet Taxes

So I check my bank account yesterday and BOOM I saw our money deposited from our taxes. It was so sweet! so we paid off two credit cards and some of another with money left over for student loan, car etc. We, not too slowly, are getting out of debt and we have a plan to move after school gets out so we can get a smaller place and pay less and save a bundle (like qwest/comcast/AOLtimewarner). It feels good! PS i am getting addicted to IKEA. I went without the kids and had a blast. I kept it to a one hour visit and got what i wanted while being able to just drag my feet and look at every little thing. and i had a great laugh at this very obese man screaming at his wife that they were lost and had already been at this part with the vases and plants. boy was he mad that he had to keep walking in circles. I know the shortcuts so i don't get lost or waist time. but i had a super good laugh at that guy. I got two new pillows with crocheted shams for our other couch and they look great. plus i got a pink time out stool. just perfect for naughty girls to sit and think how to be nice again. they actually love it and have been telling me about their time out chair. like i don't know that i bought.
emily says " hey mom, i see my time out chair."
mom says" you better be nice or you'll be sitting in that chair in a minute."
emily says" i know. i am a good glur now. are you happy mom?"
mom says" so happy, now help me out with this laundry so i can me happier."
that is my life.
MORGAN- I asked sarah if she wanted to stay home for school and have mommy teach her and she jumped on that like a immigrant catching a bus out of mexico. so i am considering home school. not too hard though. i don't know if i could put up with the kids all day everyday without a break.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Where the.......

HECK is my Camera?? I want to post a pic but i have to take the pic first. So someday you shall see all the fun things that i am making since Emily and I stay home instead of going to disease infested, boring, low income preschool. We are much happier this way too. But seriously why can't i find the camera? I have been crafting and sewing my little heart out for days and nothing to show for it!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Hunk o' burnin' love

My poor little Sarah has a fever. It is the saddest thing when your little child comes to you all wrapped up in a blanket and looking extremely tired saying " mommy, I am so tired and I don't feel good. Can I go to bed now?" That is what happened last night. It just made my heart wrinkle up with sadness for her. I know where we got it. We were at IKEA on saturday and all the little germs in the kids play room got her sick. That makes me so mad. But Jeremy and I were expecting it. It just happens within 48 hours so she was a little early coming to us to say she was sick. For now, she is in bed with the DVD player watching Dora. Despite feeling horrible she is happy to watch cartoons in bed. Sounds spoiled doesn't it?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Polls are closed

So, like anybody really cares, since it is pretty ridiculous of me anyway but nobody had the correct vote for my dream boat on the LOTR series. Turns out I voted correctly. Really and truly I am a Eomer and Faramir lover. They just give me twinkles in my eyes and long, loud sighs of true love. So now you know another pointless piece of info about me. Better luck next time y'all. And ps-Sarady, i knew you were just being fecicious, i just wanted everyone else to know how cool and smart i was with the characters. we had many laughs from the Two Towers didn't we. Those lines still work today. such as " why bring more troubles to an already troubled mind?" " So few of you have returned" "we've paid for it with many LIIIIIIIVES." "Yeah, we ain't had nothing but maggety old meat for 3 stinkin' days. Yeah we want some meats." Alright I think I am officially over the LOTR obsession for a long while. Thanks for playing!