Sunday, July 31, 2011

Running Progress

I started running 4 weeks ago. It has been fun and educational. I didn't think I could continue since I had to mentally prepare myself for the 3xweek run with my sweet Jeremy. It started out at running 2 miles at 30 minutes. We took one of the weeks off to recover so we have actually only been running for 3 weeks. Last week we decided to change it up a bit. Monday we did a fast 10 minute mile. Come on peeps, i know it isn't fast but it is fast for me. I was pulling a 15 mile and shuffling when I started. So i get 3 houses away and I puke all over the street and my legs and my shoes. I wanted that 10 minutes so badly that i pushed myself past the breaking point. Hey go big or go home.(thanks Cort!) Then on Wednesday we decided to do sprints from the end of the Cultasac to the top at the stop sign. Jeremy timed us each time. I did pretty good since it is uphill going and then a jog the way down. On the we did 5 up and 5 back. The last one was suppose to be the best one. Well it was shorter than all the others and followed by an immediate barf-fest. I was kidding about it being the best! I had no idea i was gonna do that either. I don't feel it, I just breathe and out it comes. so gross i know. had to wash the shoes again. Friday we did a nice steady 2 mile run at 25 min 32 sec. wow i took off almost 5 minutes. we were shooting for 25 minutes flat but i didn't want to barf this time so i didn't push it. Our goal is to take off another 5 minutes to run a steady 10 minute without dying and then we will add another mile to the run. Turns out I like the run but not interested in marathon. I just like dating my husband while on a run getting back in shape. I have only lost one pound can you believe that? but my legs are toning and my waist line is getting smaller and my stamina is increasing. My pants are barely starting to fit better. I know it takes time so I just keep reminding myself that I have twins and the weight didn't come over night and it won't go over night. I am hoping to have a great body by Christmas. Attainable and worth it!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Check out Made Famous By!

Want to see some mouth watering chow? Click on the Made Famous By button to the right and indulge! Your mouth will water and your waist line will expand. My friend Heather McMullin shares some great recipes that keep you coming back for more. I wonder if you gain weight by looking at food pics more than once???

New Regime

So Jeremy has convinced me to start an exercise regime with him. He takes all the guess work out of it for me so I can just roll with the punches. And after we run a few miles I really just want to be rolled home! I am surprised that I can run longer than I expected 3 times a week but the Tae Bo just about killed me last night! In time I should be able to build up some endurance and I hope to get super fit so I can run circles around the twins and not the other way around. For now, I am encouraged by a loving husband who also wants to get back in shape. So much so, he put up his weight bench and has been working out all by himself. yowza! So I hope to knock off another 40 lbs by Christmas to go along with the 60 I lost with Thing one and Thing two. No pictures just yet since I still look like a bump on a log.