Thursday, April 3, 2014

Why I love being a SAHM

First of all i hate the "SAHM" thingy.  it looks annoying.  it sounds stupid too.  anyhoo i don't work outside of the home.  I think at this point in my at home career i am unwanted in the out of home work place.  I don't shower regularly, i fart and burp like a nasty old man, cuz hey, aint nobody around except my kids, and i don't even own clothes or shoes necessary for working or looking nice.  but one of the biggest perks is laying like a fat slug on the couch watching cartoons.  now you might be saying "WHAT??? don't you mean anime?"  well i save that for night time when all the kids are in bed and i can watch my "stories" undisturbed.  but when the twins are up with me i love to watch Adventure Time and Regular Show.  I can just laugh my head off while the kids just stare at the crazy whacked out nonsense that is happening on the boob tube.  I am not a parent that forbids their kids from watching tv.  no sir.  i like me some cartoons and complete nonsense on a daily basis.  but today we have been watching Regular Show and i can't believe some of the stuff that is said or displayed cuz aint no way kids get the humor that is directed to early  20 something males.  and that is prolly where my maturity levels is too.  in fact i know it is hovering somewheres around 12-25yrs old.  hey next time somebody calls that wants to do a survey i'm gonna say i am 20-25 year old male. hahahaha that'll show them.  and then answer all the questions like a dude. and say the word dude a million times.  see how unfit i am to be working outside of the home?  better just stay home with the kids watching cartoons.  life is more fun that way.


Janelle. said...

Oh man Tanya. I do love you. And I miss you. Tell it like it is, ain't no shame. How's Texas? Why did we all not get together when we lived in the same state?!?! What were we thinking? Oh well. If you are here or we are there, let's make a visit happen.

Kat @ said...

I call them my stories too! I watch them while I sew! And yeah, adventure time is a household event, just like anything studio Ghibli, we all sit down to watch! ^_^