Thursday, September 4, 2014

Oh OK.  School has started and boy do i wish for those lazy days of summer again.  is it just me or do teachers these days demand alot from us parents.  I mean come on.  If i wanted to teach my kids i would home school them.  but when they come home from school not understanding anything in their math book i start to wonder what the HELL they are learning in class.  Also why the eff do we have to do so many projects these days.  and not just real projects but lame a$$ ones that you do in first grade but are making a 6th grader do it.  Decorating a Kleenex box?  WHA??????  i already donated 2 boxes now they want another one all decorated??  give me a freaking break.

But......on the other hand i have more time with just Kitty and Jane and even they started Joy School.  I can do stuff like visit a friend now for 2 hours.  totally amazing.  or just sew something in my cloffice and hang out in there all happy watching Anime or listening to Sleeping with Sirens all loud and not caring how loud it is.  Such a tender mercy.

The thing i am worried about is getting ready for Halloween.  My kids still can't make up their minds and I really don't feel like busting out 5 costumes in a month.  Everyday Kitty is either gonna be a Binja (Ninja) Turtle, or a witch or even Frankie Stein or mad Elsa.  I can't keep up.  Emily wants to be Catty Noir, Jane doesn't even want a costume yet and Sarah is almost old enough to be on her own.  I am considering a Sassy Rick Grimes LMAO  not really but it is hilare.
love that melee weapon too.  but honestly i am leaning towards Lenore from the Raven.  It is gonna be pretty sweet. Wait for pics  wait a long time cuz i am not so good at doing this bloggy blog thingy thing anymore.  but who knows, maybe with all my free time i can stay on top of things more.  MAYBE????  guess we'll see. 

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