Thursday, November 21, 2013

Happy Halloween It's almost Thanksgiving!

Adventure Time

Halloween 2013 turned out to be a manic phase for me.  I became so obsessed with that damn Axe Bass that it was all i could think about.  I wanted it to be sooo humongous and ridiculously epic that i spent so much time in the garage and delicate shaping and painting and gluing until the fumes took over.  But this whole process did not happen over night.  Let me tell you.....i had been planning this get up since June.  I carefully researched red boots and found them surprisingly at Target.  Emily has worn the crap out of them and they are pretty much trashes.  Marceline would be proud.  The makeup used was Snazaroo in light grey and it was perfect.  So I actually did research on blogs, youtube etc finding and using all the tips and props that other people had used.  Doesn't she look beautiful??

Now Finn and Fionna were a bit more work with costumes than with props.  I got lucky and found Finn's sword at Spirit Halloween store for about 12 bucks and I snatched that baby up.  Fionna's sword came from the dollar sword and got a nice spray paint job to resemble her crystal gem sword.  I found it easier to actually sew the hats than to buy them.  that also applied to the back packs.  they were just for show and not really functional.  I searched Amazon for the perfect Fionna ensemble miraculously finding the shirt, skirt and socks.  She borrowed my shoes(can't believe my 10 year old could fit into a size 8.5 shoe!!)  Finn's outfit came straight out of the men's section at Target.  I love you Target.  
Now for Princess Bubble Gum there is alot of sewing involved.  I used this pattern and made the queen of hearts dress.  Let me tell you this is the most hideous dress style ever for a woman with a very full, large rack!  not flattering.  and then it is all gathered at the waist making you look about 500 pounds bigger than you really are!  I was able to find the wig at spirit halloween also opting to buy a cheap wig and not spend a ton of money on an amazing cosplay wig only cuz i had spent a fortune on the fabric and the the snazaroo face paint. 
 My Flame Princesses
The twins were the easiest to make.  I just ordered from etsy some of those crocheted tube tops and bought tulle to make these tutus.  and then made them wear an orange pumpkin shirt underneath.  they would let me get any more elaborate than that.  so they aren't the best example of the beautiful Flame Princess but good enough.  Atleast they are learning young about the cheap way to cosplay and the real way to cosplay!  They loved those tutus soo much it was ridiculous!
Now all of the tutorials and ideas I pinned onto my AT board

Our best Halloween Ever- so far..........Just wait for next year!

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