Thursday, October 31, 2013

check check a one two one two.....

So while i have been off the grid for quite awhile i have been busy with my finding myself while being a mommy.  needless to say i wish they never had homework.  why do teachers give homework that requires an adult?  i did my time.  it is there time now.  not mine.  i just make sure they do and it is correct.  boo.  hiss. i never want to do another project but i know there will be many more to come.   and school has only begun this year.....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!


1.Jeremy- Just took the Professional Engineer's exam.  i hope he passes.  it would help open the doors to other jobs/companies.  while we have gotten use to life here in almost snobby Glendora, CA  we would move in a heartbeat if it meant being able to buy a home in a nice area so our kids could grow up and stop waiting for the next move.  we would love to move out of the country too and see the world with all of our kids.

2.Sarah-Homegirl is in 5th grade.  how did this happen?  she hates reading, loves recess, stopped going to karate cuz why pay a butt load of cash for something she doesn't practice or love anymore??  She loves Adventure Time and playing Moshi Monsters!

3.Emily-My little 2nd grader is an artist!  This girls loves to draw.  She will spend hours drawing and she is super amazing too!  I am not just playing her up.  I can say when my kid sucks at something.  she sucks at controlling her emotions.  she is super emo!  we are working on that.  and i think she is too smart for 2 grade but i don't want to push her up to the next grade when she isn't ready maturity wise....

4.Jane and Kitty-  little sass mouths.  They literally run the show.  I almost hate going anywhere with them cuz they cause such a stir.  people loose their minds when identical twins show up.  I have had crazy people approach me talking all kinds of nonsense about having twins.  sometimes i scream "Twins??  Where is the third, i'm missing one!"  that really freaks people out.  then i start laughing and tell them i would kill myself if i had triplets.  they hate having strangers touch their hair too.  oh that gorgeous curly red hair.  They have dark eyes and lashes so they are day walkers as far as gingers go.  they won't burn as quickly. still no identifying marks on them so people have a hard time telling them apart!  Jane hates eating anything other than sausage and chocolate.  Kitty is a great eater but won't eat pudding and ice cream.  the consistency scares her.  also i believe that kitty is the evil twin.  she will tell you stop looking at her.  funny twinners!

5.Me-i can barely get up in the morning.  i hate mornings.  i hate making lunches but i love my kids most of the time.  I made some new friends from joanns since i hang out there once a week.  I love the sister missionaries in our ward and think of those days that seem so long ago about serving a mission in Russia.  i love Harajuku fashion and anything Kawaii.  I wish i had more time to sew and i wish i was better at it.  I spend more time outside with the kids walking and talking to neighbors.  Then I sit in the dark in my room at night watching Anime.  Miss Otaku over here!  i went to WonderCon and Anime Expo this year and had a blast running around like i was 20 again!

Of course lots have happened in the time that i have been away.  That is only natural.  But i hope that i can turn this thing around and post some nonsense to keep life light hearted and happy.  thar be days i want to swear like a pirate/sailor ( i am no stranger to those days *wink* but i am trying!)  I am looking forward to the holidays with Halloween to kick us off!  Be back soon!

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